Līna Birzaka-Priekule, curator of exhibitions at the Latvian National Museum of Art;

Laima Slava, art historian and editor-in-chief of Neputns publishing house;

Dr. art. Andris Teikmanis, Professor at the Art Academy of Latvia, Vice-Rector for Studies and Research;

Kārlis Vērpe, philosopher;

Alise Careva, founder of Careva Gallery;

Elīna Sproģe, curator (from 1 July 2019);

Kaspars Vanags, art theorist and curator (till 1 July 2019);

Solvita Krese, curator, art historian, and Director of the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art (from 1 January 2020);

Ieva Kalniņa, art historian and curator (till 1 January 2020).