SKUJA BRADEN for the exhibition “Samsara” at the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, especially highlighting “Altar” as the central part of the exhibition (14.03.–27.09.2020.)

VALDIS CELMS for kinetic sculptures “Rhythms of Life” and “Positron” displayed at the 2nd Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art “and suddenly it all blossoms” (20.08.–13.09.2020.)

KRISTA and REINIS DZUDZILO for artwork “ZRwhdZ” at Kim? Contemporary Art Centre (22.08.–06.10.2019)

KASPARS GROŠEVS for the multi-media installation “Different Room” displayed at the Cēsis Art Festival 2020 (25.07.–28.08.2020.)

IEVA KRAULE-KŪNA and ELĪNA VĪTOLA for the project “Artist Crisis Center” over a two-year period at gallery “Low” and Kim? Contemporary Art Center

RASA and RAITIS ŠMITI for work of art “Atmospheric Forest” in virtual exhibition “Critical Zones – Observatories for Earthly Politics” (22.05.2020. – 28.02.2020.)

AIJA ZARIŅA for solo exhibition “Wake up, wake up once the free spirit” in dome hall of Latvian National Museum of Art (07.12.2019. – 02.02.2020.)

AMANDA ZIEMELE for solo exhibition “Quantum Hair Implants ” at kim? Contemporary Art Centre (21.02.2019. – 07.04.2019.)